Our Founder

Nazaneen Abad

Founder and CEO, Independent Stylist Professional and Software Entrepreneur


Nazaneen has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years, first as a commissioned stylist, then as a seat renter, and eventually a salon owner.  She experienced and overcame the challenges of each successive position.  Grateful for her own success and eager to help others climbing a similar ladder, she has found it natural and rewarding to mentor junior stylists and her renters.  

As an industry veteran, Nazaneen is exactly the right person to create a fully integrated app for independent beauty and wellness professionals.  She intimately understands their administrative and communication challenges, and MyCue is the culmination of her experience.  It is her way of advocating for her fellow professionals.

Nazaneen is excited about introducing a comprehensive, intuitive and efficient app and she envisions MyCue as an invaluable business partner that empowers beauty and wellness professionals to thrive.